About Champion Achievement Charms

Champion Achievement Charms are the perfect way to support your skaters in their incredible dedication to the sport of Figure Skating.

Champion Achievement Charms were developed by Sheila Thelen, a leader in the sport of figure skating. She has a vast background in designing creative training tools and products for all levels of skaters.

Champion Achievement Charms

We love your dedication.

We love your commitment.

We love your strength.

We Love Skating.

- Sheila Thelen

President & Designer

Champion Achievement Charms

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Sheila Thelen

Sheila Thelen

Sheila Thelen, Master Rated Coach

President & Designer
Champion Skating Harness, LLC
President & Patent Holder
Champion Cords
Vice President, Senior Presenter & Award Winning Presenter
PicSkate Consultant
Master Rated Coach
Professional Skaters Association International
National/International Presenter
Many National & International Conferences WORLDWIDE
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