Champion Skating Harness

Champion Skating Harness
Champion Skating Harness Pricing - OFF ICE HARNESS:

1.  The cost is:  $1,500.00  (Add $75.00 shipping for international)

2.  VERY EASY TO INSTALL!   You need a 10 foot ceiling (or higher)  
See this link:  Installation:

3.  Perfect for rink/house/garage.    Link:  Overall look:

4. Great for younger skater:  Nicolai Spinning:

5. Fantastic for high level skaters:  Maddie spinning:
Also a great Maddie video:

6. Discounts if you order 3 or more. (contact us for details)

7. Training seminars also available.   (Combination of Champion Skating Harness & Champion Cords.)  Yes, we even do International Training Seminars.  Contact us to book.  (We also add in Free Installation or OFF ICE or ON ICE RETROFITS - with seminars.)

8. Easy to use - with the triple pulley system.  Coach/parent is only picking up 1/3 of the skater's weight. (I'm super short at 4 foot 10 inches - and I have no problem using it.)  Although, if kids weigh
over 150 pounds - it is (obviously) significantly harder.

9.  Visa/Mastercard OR Check (that clears) OR PAYPAL (perfect for national or international orders).

10.  We're endorsed by:  Grassroots To Champions &   We also have a 5 STAR RATING from

11. We can also BID to repair OR install ON ICE HARNESSES!   (Especially, if no one at the rinks - remembers it being installed!!   Like what, 25+ years ago??  Holy cow - let us UPDATE IT!  We have an amazing Engineer on staff for all your facility/structural needs.

(Central Time Zone/USA)

Need Professional Installation?
ON ICE HARNESS - installed by Champion Skating Harness Engineers.
CONTACT US - Each Project individually Bid.    

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